Case Studies/Testimonials

B To Z Communications prides itself on understanding each client’s business, the industry in which it operates and the key deliverables that will ensure success. We tailor a public relations program which helps drive this success. Here’s a look at what B To Z has done for several clients. 

Express Auction – B To Z Communications has been integral in helping gain traction for this leading commercial real estate auction firm in the New York metropolitan area through an aggressive media relations program. more…

General Maritime – Executing financial media relations campaigns on a project basis, B To Z Communications has been able to ramp up quickly and deliver top-level media exposure for this oil tanker company. more…

BDE Computer Services – Most information technology firms working with small and mid-sized businesses toil in relative anonymity. Not BDE Computer Services. B To Z Communications implemented a public relations program that gained them national and regional coverage. more…

BrandPort – Launching a new service is never easy, especially to the jaded and cynical advertising community. B To Z Communications designed and executed a program that created a buzz for BrandPort among its potential clients, their end-users and industry analysts. more…

The Back Care Center – Using local and regional media placements, as well as speaking opportunities among key community groups, B To Z Communications has elevated The Back Care Center above the crowded field of chiropractors and back-care specialists in northern New Jersey. more…

For more information on the work performed for any of these clients,
please call Bob Zeitlinger, Managing Director, at 201-244-1213.

Express Auction – Bringing Commercial Real Estate Auctions Into the Mainstream

Objective: B To Z Communications designed a public relations program to help Express Auction communicate with and influence its key stakeholders: traditional real estate firms with which it partners; commercial property owners and potential buyers. 

Strategy: Our firm created a campaign to communicate that auctions are a viable first alternative, and not a last resort used only for distressed properties. To do so, we aggressively leverage each auction as a proof point to show that the concept works – and is catching on throughout the area. 

Results: B To Z Communications has placed stories in real estate trades such as New York Real Estate Journal and the Commercial Record of Connecticut, and secured coverage in the New York Post’s influential real estate column. We’ve also worked regionally, supporting auctions in Connecticut with stories in local dailies and the Hartford Business Journal. 

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General Maritime –Financial Media Relations Programs in a Flash

Objective: Despite not courting the media throughout the year, General Maritime asked B To Z Communications to deliver high-profile media coverage over several two-week periods about 12 months apart. 

Strategy: Working with little more than the latest quarterly earnings, B To Z crafted a story that leveraged the company’s growing earnings with news of fluctuating oil prices, as well as a consolidation trend in the tanker industry. 

Results: B To Z Communications went from 0 to 60 in a flash, placing General Maritime within the pages of BusinessWeek, the Financial Times, Investors Business Daily, on Dow Jones and Bloomberg wire services, CNNfn, CNBC and Bloomberg Television. 

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BDE Computer Services – Making Small Business IT Services Big News

Objective: Most information technology firms working with small and mid-sized businesses toil in relative anonymity. BDE Computer Services has been thriving by providing quality IT service. Trouble was that it was operating under the radar of the media and many of its key prospects. 

Strategy: B To Z Communications created a strategy that positioned BDE Computer Services as the advocate for small and mid-sized businesses and as expert in their IT needs. While large IT firms pay lip service to small businesses, BDE is on the front lines every day. 

Results: The positioning was a hit with the media who were desperately seeking a firm that could provide true insight into how small and mid-sized businesses were using and acquiring technology. B To Z turned BDE’s expertise into media coverage within their marketplace – the New York metro area – with stories in The Bergen Record, The Star-Ledger and BusinessWeek Online and News12 New Jersey Television, among others. 

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BrandPort – Launching An Internet-Based Advertising Service

Objective: Help BrandPort launch its new advertising service to several audiences: the jaded and cynical advertising community and college students on key campuses across the country. 

Strategy: B To Z Communications designed and executed a multi-pronged program that positioned BrandPort’s service as a solution to the difficulties of reaching college students through mass media (television). 

Results: Leveraging key opinion influencers at interactive ad agencies as well as early-adopter clients, B To Z set up meetings with important industry analysts and placed stories in a mix of high profile media, interactive advertising media and campus media. 

Strategic placements included:

  • Daily student newspapers at Penn State University, Syracuse University and elsewhere, which drove student registration to the BrandPort service. 
  • MediaPost and Jupiter Communications’ leading interactive newsletters, which informed online advertising agencies about this new vehicle. 
  • National media outlets like Dow Jones and New York Sun, which provided credibility for the service to the general business and marketing community. 

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The Back Care Center – Grassroots Campaign for A Local Firm

Objective: The back care business is highly competitive. In addition to a crowded field of chiropractors throughout northern New Jersey, The Back Care Center also competes with orthopedic doctors as well. The objective was to differentiate The Back Care Center from the field. 

Strategy: A grassroots campaign was designed to attract local and regional media coverage, and to secure speaking opportunities with influential community groups. 

Results: Through a series of news releases and seasonal stories on back care and wellness tips, B To Z has elevated The Back Care Center through coverage in NJ Network Television News, the Bergen Record and local weeklies throughout Bergen County. Just as importantly, speaking engagements with Women’s Clubs, Gardening Groups and Junior Leagues have boosted the practice and spread the word about the Back Care Center’s unique brand of chiropractic. 

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